Erection Concerns and Aging

One of the most common concerns about aging seems to be around the issue of getting and maintaining erections. The hardness of a manís penis is obviously an important matter, not just because of its role in sex but because itís a measure of his emotional and physical health. Therefore, erectile difficulties are like a health barometer which informs a man when he needs to pay more attention to his fitness level (physical and emotional). Hopefully, the ability to continue having sex is a good motivator toward a healthier lifestyle.

In regard to erection hardness, these are the  facts as we know them.


Erection ability works well if:

©      Blood vessels are healthy and elastic.

©      Neural connections are working.

©      Testosterone levels are balanced.

©      Weight is controlled.

©      Severe depression and/or anxiety are absent.

©      Nitric oxide is being released in appropriate amounts through the body.

©      No serious disease process is underway in the body.

©      No medication is interfering with the erection process.

©      There are no unresolved relationship issues.



Naturally, as a man ages, erection hardness will not be as dependable as when he was twenty. But research tells us that healthy men could have reliable erections well into their older years. The good news is that many men with erectile challenges can make lifestyle changes to lead them back to hardness. Meanwhile, more caressing of the penis and the use of a simple stretchy device called a ďcockringĒ around the base of an erect penis will add to the level of engorgement and help erections last longer. For serious problems in this area, please start with a medical check up. Hereís a little exercise to help you decide if you need to take some action in regard to erectile functioning.







Exercise: Evaluating Erection Dependability (honestly!)

1 - Never dependable

2 - Occasionally dependable

3 - Somewhat dependable

4 - Usually Dependable

5 - Always Dependable (rare)


From this I can conclude that:


1 - I need to take some action

2 - Iím ready to take action

3 - I need to see a physician

4 - I need to do further reading on this subject

5 - Iím great just the way I am (whew!)


Iím willing to take action on this issue!

Yes ______

No ______




The topic of erectile consistency requires a book in itself. A good resource is a book called The Hardness Factor[i]. Dr. Lamm has mapped out a good six-week program back to erectile fitness, which covers all aspects of fitness related to erection ability. He understands that we have to practice prevention in regard to erection hardness, just as we do with other aspects of our health. He explains how the hardness of a manís penis can be suggestive of many common medical conditions including obesity, hypertension, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Healthy diet (omega 3s, more fruits and vegetables), exercise, and supplements (including pycnogenol, L-arginine, horny goat weed, grape seed extract, niacin, vitamin C and E) are all part of his well thought out hardness regime. And, of course, getting proper sleep and not smoking are both part of the hardness equation; itís all related!

     All this said, we also need to remember that great sex is not dependent on a hard penis. And that topic will be explored fully in the next article.



[i] Lamm, Steven MD. The Hardness Factor, Harper Collins Publishers, New York, 2005