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LOCAL CLASSES - Summer in District 69

Krisanna is taking a well deserved break from teaching.


Testimonials from Students


"Krisanna is very cognizant of each students needs and limitations. She concentrated on doing poses safely. Soothing voice and manner. Within a very short time I noticed greater flexibility in my back"

                           Caroline Koncgey, Palm Springs, CA

Excellent teaching skills, carefully controlled series of highly demanding poses; a terrific teacher; she knows everyone and treats all of us on a personal basis. She introduced us to the subtle benefits of yoga.

                             W. Galloway, Vancouver, BC

Krisanna is an excellent teacher. She expects a lot and gets a lot from the people in her class but at the same time she is very careful and caring about the special needs of everyone. And she explains the moves so they are easy to understand even if they are sometimes tough to do! I am coming off an injury and in just a few weeks Krisanna's classes helped my flexibility, strength and balance. She is a terrific smart teacher.

                              Susan Freedman, Vancouver, BC

 I liked the feeling of the group...working hard and a sense of satisfaction after making an improvement in a pose even if the improvement was miniscule. I loved the calmness at the end of class and I got a better understanding of yoga.

                               K.S., Parksville, BC


Krisanna took the time to get to know everyone's level of flexibility and strength. She always gave us the option of doing the poses from beginner to intermediate or advanced levels. Krisanna is a very thorough and knowledgeable instructor. She works very well with the 55 and up age group. Krisanna's classes helped me to increase my flexibility and strength and also provided me with the technique of stress release and relaxation.

                           Lynn Caldwell, Crambrook, BC

Krisanna was there 3 days a week with enthusiasm and encouragement for all levels. She knew your name and your ailing body parts! She was very careful about getting in and out of postures and explained the benefits of each position.

                            Mitzi Barttell, Marysville, WA

Friendly relaxed atmosphere, non-competitive and safely focused with attention to individual limitations and injuries. Encouragement was given and correct technique stressed.

                               BW, Kelowna, BC


Krisanna Jeffery
Registered Clinical Counselor
B.S.W, M.Ed,
Sex Educator
Certified Yoga
Meditation Instructor



(250) 951-2299

1348 Gabriola Drive,
(in Craig Bay)
Parksville, BC


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